Recent Student Evaluation Comments

“Shannon is a truly phenomenal instructor. Kind, engaging, clear, committed.”

“Regarding Miniatures and Shannon specifically, the help and support that I was given was outstanding, and I am definitely glad that I ended up in this class.”

“I really enjoyed the course for its wonderful atmosphere of collaboration and teamwork, which made me feel like my opinions really did matter. I also thoroughly enjoyed listening to the opinions of others from so many diverse backgrounds and interests coming together. I especially enjoyed our reading discussions, as everyone was able to contribute toward our understanding of certain texts and their meanings. I also liked the workshops for their cooperative nature and the fact that they provided everyone a chance to evaluate our writing in a more comprehensive manner. You really deserve praise for fostering this environment of cooperation among us, as we all became very motivated to drive the class forward with our own ideas and not just your own. Admittedly, the course can be improved if there was some more structure for the many discussions we had in class. But for the most part, the class was simply beyond spectacular for its breadth and material.”

Student Evaluations Available Upon Request