Select Poetry Publications

My poem, “My Octopus,” was just published in the Spring 2021 issue of The Night Heron Barks. So grateful to be included in this gorgeous issue.

Thank you to LEON Literary Review for publishing my poem “Wish Fulfillment” in their June 2021 issue. This painting by Paul Klee inspired the piece!

A huge thank you to Rust + Moth for publishing my poem “Family Garage Sales” in their Winter 2021 issue.

A huge thanks to Portland Review for publishing two of my poems!

“Notes from the Pantry, 1990,” RHINO. To purchase the issue, please go here. I was also fortunate enough to have participated in a virtual celebration of the publication.

“The Spinners” and “Peer,” Citron Review. Winter 2019.

“Why He Left,” Small Orange Poetry Journal. Fall 2019:

“Extractions,”Cumberland River Review. Fall 2019:

“Upon Viewing Damien Hirst’s The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living, 1991,” Dialogist. September 20, 2019:

“Shame is a Bull,” SWWIM Every Day. June 19, 2019:

“In Which Self-Portraits Are Also About Others, or Ilse Bing’s Musings with Her Leica Camera,” Inflectionist Review.  April 2019:

“Stories” & “When the Speech Therapist Told Me to Say the Letter ‘S’,” Up the Staircase Quarterly:

“Ways to View,” “Word Games & Space Travel,” and “The Stories We Tell,” the Los Angles Review. Summer 2018:

“Palindromes.” Whale Road Review. Summer 2018:

“Cyanotypes.” Oxidant Engine. Spring 2018:

“Birdcage and Shadow” & “Weston’s Cabbage Always Makes Me Cry.” Pretty Owl Poetry. Spring 2018:

“Collateral.” A-Minor. January 2018:

“Remnants.” Crab Orchard Review. Double Issue. Spring/Summer 2017:

“The Tale of the Hoarder.” Gingerbread House. August 2015: