Select Poetry Publications

A huge thanks to Portland Review for publishing two of my poems!

“Notes from the Pantry, 1990,” RHINO. To purchase the issue, please visit: I was also fortunate enough to have participated in a virtual celebration of the publication. Please visit:

“The Spinners” and “Peer,” Citron Review. Winter 2019: &

“Why He Left,” Small Orange Poetry Journal. Fall 2019:

“Extractions,”Cumberland River Review. Fall 2019:

“Upon Viewing Damien Hirst’s The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living, 1991,” Dialogist. September 20, 2019:

“Shame is a Bull,” SWWIM Every Day. June 19, 2019:

“In Which Self-Portraits Are Also About Others, or Ilse Bing’s Musings with Her Leica Camera,” Inflectionist Review.  April 2019:

“Stories” & “When the Speech Therapist Told Me to Say the Letter ‘S’,” Up the Staircase Quarterly:

“Ways to View,” “Word Games & Space Travel,” and “The Stories We Tell,” The Los Angles Review. Summer 2018:

“Palindromes.” Whale Road Review. Summer 2018:

“Cyanotypes.” Oxidant Engine. Spring 2018:

“Birdcage and Shadow” & “Weston’s Cabbage Always Makes Me Cry.” Pretty Owl Poetry. Spring 2018:

“Collateral.” A-Minor. January 2018:

“Remnants.” Crab Orchard Review. Double Issue. Spring/Summer 2017:

“The Tale of the Hoarder.” Gingerbread House. August 2015: