Recent Publications & News!

BOOK NEWS! September 7, 2021- Happy Publication Day! My book, The Girl Who Talked to Paintings, is officially out with Glass Lyre Press.


Thanks to Glass Lyre Press and The Shore for the nominations in 2021.


Two poems of mine–“Inheritances” and “When the Ocean Becomes Too Polluted, A Woman Goes Shopping for Perfume”–will appear in the next issue of Pirene’s Fountain.


Three of my poems recently appeared in Twyckenham Notes. Please check them out here.  

It’s an honor to have a poem in the newest issue of Parenthesis Journal.

I’m thrilled that Bracken has accepted three of my poems about the life of Anna Atkins! Please go here to read them.

Be sure to check out my poem,”The Worry Dolls,” in West Trestle Review!

Really grateful that my poem,”Weight,” just came out in Thimble.

Thanks to The Shore for publishing my poem “Mustard Seed!”

The Supermarket” was just published in Ron Slate’s On the Seawall!

Thanks to The West Review for publishing “At Night I Think of Winter” in their December 2021 issue.

My poem, “My Octopus,” was just published in the Spring 2021 issue of The Night Heron Barks. So grateful to be included in this gorgeous issue.

Thank you to LEON Literary Review for publishing my poem “Wish Fulfillment” in their June 2021 issue. This painting by Paul Klee inspired the piece!

A huge thank you to Rust + Moth for publishing my poem “Family Garage Sales” in their Winter 2021 issue.


Thanks to One Week Critique for this interview. I really enjoyed discussing revision and the writing process with Adam Sirgany. Please go here to see the different revisions of my poem “Mirrors.” You can also check out their other wonderful interviews on the same page!

I’m very excited to read my poem, “Notes from the Pantry, 1990,” from RHINO POETRY 2020.