Reviews & Interviews

Interview with Sean Hill, Mentor and Muse, March 2019.

Interview with Matthew Olzmann, Mentor and Muse, May 2018.

Interview with Sarah Rose Nordgren, Mentor and Muse, March 2018.

“Mapping Ecologies: Intersections of the Biological, Archaeological, Historical, and Personal in Charlotte Pence’s Many Small Fires,” Zone 3, Fall 2015.

“Vantage Points: Intersections of the Quotidian, Fantasy, and Experience in Julie Babcock’s Autoplay,” Zone 3, Spring 2015.

“Picturing/Writing New Topographies: Tung-Hui Hu’s Green, Houses, Lighthouses,” Zone 3, 2013.

“Inner Life: Elizabeth McLagan’s In the White Room,” Zone 3, 2013.

“Carmen Giménez Smith’s The City She Was & Goodbye,” Flicker, Zone 3, 2012.

Gigoberto Gonzalez’s Black Blossoms & Eliza Griffith’s Mule and Pear, Zone 3, 2012.

Contemporary Italian Poets (special issue on Antonella Anedda, Alda Merini, and Biancamaria Frabotta). Her Circle Ezine, Online, March 7, 8, 9 2008.

“Sabrina Kherbiche’s La Suture: Writing in Search of the Self” Her Circle Ezine, Online, 2007.

“Peg Boyers, Honey with TobaccoHer Circle Ezine, Online, November 2007.